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Associated Services
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In order to facilitate and complement the legal services offered and in an effort to provide clients with streamlined solutions, our firm is in a position to provide the following associated services.

Company Directors
On occasions when our clients wish to establish or strengthen their local presence in Cyprus, they can use one of our affiliated companies as corporate directors. In such capacity, the Director will be able to take part in board meetings, assist with the passing of board resolutions and generally with the administration of the company in Cyprus.

Company Secretary
Through our affiliated company INTER JURA CY (SERVICES) LIMITED we fulfil the role of Company Secretary. This is a statutory office stipulated under the Cyprus Companies Law, Cap. 113 and it includes the keeping of the Company’s statutory registers such as Register of Members, Register of Charges, Register of Directors and Secretary, minute books etc.  We also undertake the filing of all necessary returns and liaising with the office of the Registrar of Companies and other competent authorities in Cyprus.

Registered Office Address
All companies incorporated in Cyprus must have a registered office address in Cyprus, to which all communications and notices may be addressed and delivered.  Our firm lends its office addresses both in Nicosia and Limassol for use as such registered office address for its company-clients and undertakes to forward any correspondence received.

Nominee Shareholders Services
Should our clients wish to hold shares in companies registered in Cyprus or abroad through nominees, they can do so by using companies affiliated with our firm.

Trustee Services
Our affiliated company INTER JURA CY (TRUST) LIMITED has the necessary expertise and capacity to act as trustee to Cyprus international trusts or trusts governed by Cyprus law.

Escrow Agent Services
In order to facilitate the closing and consummation of various types of transactions, we may act as escrow agents and hold for a period of time either documents or funds pending their delivery or exchange pursuant to the agreed terms of the transaction and the underlying escrow agreement.

Bank Account Management Services
We can provide bank account management services, which include liaising with the selected bank in order to set up the bank account and provide all documentation required, acting as signatories on such bank accounts, preparing and submitting payment orders to the bank and providing all incidental management services.

Other Services

  • opening of tax files with the Inland Revenue Service
  • obtaining tax rulings
  • "stamping documents" (revenue stamps)
  • certifications and legalisations of documents
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