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Constitutional, Public and Administrative Law
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Dr. K. Chrysostomides & Co LLC has extensive experience in advising regulated corporate clients, public and governmental bodies on the interpretation and application of laws, in relation to the constitutionality of laws, as to fair procedures in fulfilling statutory functions and on administrative actions where necessary. We regularly advise and represent clients in proceedings before the Courts and other statutory bodies that regulate diverse areas of social and economic activity. Organisations which are regulated under constitutional or public law are also represented by our firm.

The Cyprus Supreme Court has exclusive jurisdiction to adjudicate on any recourse filed against an act/decision/omission of any organ, authority or person exercising any executive or administrative authority, on the ground that it violates the provisions of the Constitution or any Law, or it is in excess or in abuse of any power vested in such organ, authority or person. Our firm undertakes the filing of administrative recourses before the Supreme Court of Cyprus on behalf of its clients, pursuant to article 146 of the Cyprus Constitution.  The recourse must be filed within the absolute deadline of 75 days after the act/decision/omission was published in the official gazette or came to the knowledge of the complainant.

Our firm’s work in this field also involves hearings before the Supreme Court on the unconstitutionality of laws, as well as on election petitions, the latter in the Supreme Court’s jurisdiction to adjudicate on such petitions.

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